Our database is separated in two groups, the accommodation in the rooms (hotels,pensions, private accommodation...) and the accommodation in the appartements/flats (appartements, chalet, cottages...).First category is mostly without the kitchen, the second category is with the kitchen.

You have three views to accommodation database at disposal.

List of accommodation

you can find the list of accommodation capacities here, the list is separeted in twogroups - list of hotels and list of appartements, groups you can find in holiday planner on top

Search hotels, search appartements

after entering of your holiday details you get actual list of free accommodation capacities, it is possible to book chosen object. Some of objects are on-line booked(immediately you get the accommodation confirmation by email), the other objects are booked on request, the reply you get as soon as possible.

On-line request

you have the possibility to put your accommodation request here, you get corresponding offer by return


By the help of map you can find the list of accommodation for requested destination.